As a Title Rep, I am Facebook Friends with A LOT of Realtors. Being connected to a lot of Realtors means I receive A LOT of invitations from Realtors to “LIKE” their Facebook Page. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE supporting my Realtor Friends. BUT, I am NOT the person you want “LIKING” your Business Page and here’s why . . .

Facebook is a business. And like any business, they must keep their customers coming back to their “product”, Facebook. This is why Facebook only shows you what it thinks is of interest to you, from your friends and the pages you like.

Since I am friends with over 1000 agents on Facebook, if I were to accept every invitation I receive from Agents to like their Page, it is very unlikely I will see those Pages on a regular basis. Even if I sat at my desk 24/7 and intentionally visited every page to like your content, I still would not see YOUR PAGE in MY NEWSFEED on a regular basis. You might be saying, BUT KARA, NOT EVERYONE I INVITE IS FRIENDS WITH THAT MANY AGENTS . . . To which I would respond, YOU ARE RIGHT, BUT, I promise you, while my Realtor friend count may seem high, the ratio is not. 1 out of 2 of my friends on Facebook are in the business and THAT is the norm for everyone in “the business”.

So why does this matter? The more “likes” the better, right? WRONG!!!! You must be strategic about whom you invite to like your page. You want past clients, potential clients and their friends, in other words, people who WILL refer you or use you when they want to buy or sell one day. These people are MUCH more likely to engage with your Page. But it doesn’t stop there. You have to post GREAT content that THEY care about or you may as well not have a Facebook Business Page at all . . . NOT THE CONTENT WORD AGAIN . . .

Most Agents share the same stuff. And consumers are sick of it. If all you are doing is sharing market stats, pictures of pretty living rooms and your latest listing, the 100 people you so strategically got to like your page won’t engage. And if they don’t engage (like, comment or share), Facebook thinks your Page is not interesting and will remove it from their newsfeed.

Real Estate is about FAMILY and COMMUNITY, it is NOT about your latest awesome listing or how blessed you are to receive referrals. You have to think like a consumer and post stuff THEY care about. You also need to show you care by writing or doing videos about what they care about. Get creative . . . get IN your community, IN the neighborhoods, IN the schools, IN the activities and post about THAT. I guarantee the 100 people that like your page will engage with that content and when they engage, they see your content more often and when they see it, their Facebook friends see it and you have WON.

So please do not invite me (or anyone in the real estate business) to like your Page. Most will accept because they want to show you they are supporting you. But guess what, they are also accepting invitations from every agent that sends them a request because they want to show THAT agent they are supporting him/her too. And then you have a bunch of likes from people who won’t see your content and Facebook will interpret that as no one likes your Page and they simply stop showing EVERYONE your page. Make sense?

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