THE BRANDING CLASS: Identify Create & Cultivate
In this 2 hour class, students will learn:

  1. The psychology behind social media in general
  2. The concept of branding and how important it is in real estate
  3. How good branding will set you apart from your competition
  4. How to identify your perfect target market(s)
  5. How to create an online presence to attract your target market to you
  6. How to become an influencer / resource in your target market
  7. How to cultivate those relationships into ambassadors for your brand
  8. How to get CLOSINGS from these relationships

SYSTEMS: Get Organized & Make More Money
In this 90 minute class, students will learn:

  1. How you are spending time now
  2. How to set goals and stay on track
  3. How to use Calendly
  4. How to set expectations with clients and stick to them
  5. Online and offline ways to stay on track of your prospects and current transactions
  6. How to keep in touch after closing to ensure continued referrals

Getting Started With Social:
In this class, students will learn:

  1. the basic fundamentals of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  2. a general understanding of each platform
  3. how to set up and optimize your profile to attract real estate clients
  4. plenty of ideas for what to post and when
  5. tools to help you post more regularly

Facebook 101:
In this 90 minute class, students will learn:

  1. How to optimize your Facebook Business Page including creating a custom cover photo
  2. All about Facebook’s algorithm and how to beat it
  3. How to find and connect with your target market
  4. What to post and when
  5. How to create your own highly engaging content
  6. How to analyze your audience and their behavior
  7. How and when to do BASIC ads and boost posts
  8. How to schedule posts
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