Kara Macdonald is MY favorite title lady

Kara Macdonald is MY favorite title lady, and hopefully she will soon be Your Favorite Title Lady too. Kara is the Vice President of Pruitt Title in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Her company handles closings and title concerns throughout the states of Virginia and Maryland, and in the District of Columbia. Kara started with Pruitt Title on their marketing staff. Prior to joining Pruitt Title, Kara had worked for 15 years with other title companies and law firms in the title industry doing regular and REO closings, she had been praised by the REO industry for her work, and she did everything from grunt work to management. She knows most every aspect of how things work from the title company and law firm sides of the industry.

As Your Favorite Title Lady, and on behalf of Pruitt Title, Kara now found a new way to help others in the industry. She now does indeed market for Pruitt Title, BUT she has found a unique way to help the real estate salespersons find their way by teaching, orienting and organizing them in a tough real estate agent world. Kara teaches agents social media through classes and one-on-one experiences, she has been approved by the State of Virginia to teach classes on Understanding Title Insurance, Clearing Title Matters, and Mock Settlements. Kara answers her phone 24/7 (except perhaps during those “I need a little downtime” moments) to answer agents calls about what happens next, problems they encounter, getting HUD (yes, now “CD”) estimates, short sale issues, tax issues, lawyer referrals, title concerns, probate process problems, and any other issue including needing someone to talk to in the middle of the night. KARA ROCKS.

I know all of this because I am Your Favorite Title Lady’s biased husband. I have never seen a more hard working woman who loves her job and is simply happy, joyous and free to do her job. SHE LOVES TO HELP REAL ESTATE AGENTS DO THEIR JOB. That all being said, I have also worked in the same office Suite with my spouse for years after we were married, so I’ve seen her in an office setting with title companies, law firms and now I see her working from home day and night helping agents do what agents need to do.

If you have EVER experienced a negative issue or thought about a title company, give Kara Macdonald (Your Favorite Title Lady) a shout, her and the gals at Pruitt Title will WOW you. Pruitt Title is a woman owned and operated business. The staff at Pruitt Title is exceptional and they understand that you are the client and You are why they have a job.