human pyramidYesterday was not the easiest day for my team.  We had a difficult closing.  And it was not just one person making it difficult; the buyer was unhappy, the seller was not cooperative, the agents were mad at each other.  The closing took almost three hours.  But is closed.

I had heard about Mr. Difficult Buyer last week.  The Selling Agent had mentioned it at another closing.  I did not completely grasp how bad it really was until yesterday.

I was copied on a few emails early in the day regarding outstanding issues that everyone was trying to tie up.  They seemed pretty urgent but everyone was replying quickly so there was nothing for me to do.  I did send a quick text to the Selling Agent to say while this is obviously not an ideal day, I am pleased at the way our teams were working together.  His reply was, “Agreed.  Love it!”.   A couple of hours later (at the same time settlement was occurring), I received a call from the same Agent to ask how the closing was going.  I told him I would check but I was not worried.  He seemed surprised.  After getting a brief update from the closer and letting him know that all seemed okay for now, I knew there was still a chance it may not close.  An hour goes by . . . I was waiting to hear something, anything so I could tell the Agent that all was well . . . but I was not worried.  I received one more text from one of his team members stating it was not going well.  My thought was, “but it is still going”.  Another hour goes by and I finally heard everything was signed.  They had agreed on some changes to the HUD and once it was approved, closing would be complete.  That approval came this morning.

As I reflect back on the events of yesterday, I am so grateful for my team.  I have worked for a total of five title companies since 1996.  This is the first time I have ever been 100% certain that my team would handle everything just as it is supposed to be handled.  At the last four companies, I was in the trenches of the day to day processing.  It isn’t easy.  I respect the hell out of anyone that works in this industry.  But without fail, there has always been someone on my previous “teams” that just was not on the same page.  That is not the case with Pruitt.  Sara Bolton has put together the most competent group of people and created an environment of respect, trust and faith for us to work in.  It is in fact, the perfect place to work.

Team has taken on a whole new meaning since starting with Pruitt in June 2013.  We each know what our job is and we do it with pleasure.  We also trust that each of our teammates is also going to do what they are supposed to do.  I know I was put here for a reason; to be a part of something GREAT.  And that’s what Pruitt Title is.

Not every settlement is going to go perfectly but there’s a good chance it will end well when you’ve got us on your side!

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