YFTL BLOG GRAPHIC_RatifiedContractNowWhat_10.24.2015You did it! You received your first ratified contract! Next step, send it to the Title Company (and the Lender). But what should you expect after that? What ELSE do YOU need to do?

I can’t speak for the Lender but the Title Company needs several additional pieces of information not stated in the contract and then a few ongoing things, or actions if you will, that will help ensure the process is smooth.


The Title Company does not have access to the MLS so they need to know what the total commission is and how it should be divided amongst the Listing and Selling Agent. If your Brokerage charges an administration fee or any other fee in addition to the commission, we need to know what the name of the fee is, how much it is and to whom it is payable.


If you or the other agent is giving a credit to the Seller or Buyer and it is not listed in the contract, we need a letter from your Broker detailing the amount of the credit, what it is for and to whom it is being given. An addendum signed by the Buyer and Seller is not sufficient.


The more contact info we have, the better! Please provide a phone number and email address for each of your clients and for the Loan Officer.


Be sure to respond to all emails as quickly as possible. In most cases, the Title Company communicates with the Buyer and Seller through their Agent. It is critical that you read every email from us carefully and reply in a timely fashion. In this day and age, it is easy to miss an email or forget to return a voicemail. It happens to the best of us. Our Processor will follow up if she has not heard back but not all title companies do that so be alert!

If there are any addenda to the contract, send a copy to the Title Company, no matter what. You may think we don’t need a copy but better safe than sorry. The more we know, the better service we can provide and the better the overall experience will be for your client.

There are many moving parts from contract to close. And if you are a new or newer agent, it can be a bit overwhelming. The Title Company should be a resource to you and be willing to help you navigate through the entire process. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, even if you think it has nothing to do with the closing. If you are not getting the support you need, communicate that to the Title Company. If nothing changes, find a new Title Company, period.

Teamwork, loyalty and partnerships are very important but your first priority should be that you and your business are well respected and taken care of by all referral partners.

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kara-best-picKara Macdonald is the Director of Business Development for Pruitt Title, LLC. She has over nineteen years of experience in processing, closing and marketing. Pruitt Title is a woman owned, independent title insurance company licensed in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, with offices in Rockville and Tyson’s Corner. Remote closings are also available.

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