POP-BYS: Where To Start & How To Stay Consistent – S2 | E1 – by Kara Macdonald

Welcome to Season 2 of the Real Estate Deep Dive Podcast! I’m your host Kara Macdonald and I’m dedicating this season to educating, encouraging and supporting each of you in your life.

Today’s guest is Bobbi Desai who is an incredible woman and dear friend to me. She’s also an absolute master in the art of pop-bys! If you’re a follower of Brian Buffini then you know how impactful pop-bys are for referrals and for your business. Listen to our chat today as we discuss the logistics behind building a massive, quarterly, batched pop-by system.

We also get to know Bobbi on a more personal level as she talks about the special needs of her family and the way she’s been able to help other families with special circumstances.

Bobbi serves the Northern Virginia area. You can reach out to her on Facebook page which is Special Agent Bobbi: https://bit.ly/35VAx0z

Thanks for listening and please reach out to me:

Email: kara@yourfavoritetitlelady.com

Phone: 571.432.9382

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfHPpgBHxLRbEoFYKWdoKBg?view_as=subscriber

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