Scaling your real estate business is an exciting step! Today Kara Macdonald, your host of the Real Estate Deep Dive Podcast talks to Lee Adkins from Amplified Solutions about how to interview, hire and train new team members!

Lee has hired thousands of people over the last 14 years so he has a great perspective to share on effective hiring and on boarding procedures. If you’ve ever wondered what are the best questions to ask in a job interview to really get the right people in the right places you’re in luck. Listen in for some really interesting tips.

Learn what kind of job offers and compensation packages are appropriate for different types of positions. Kara and Lee also discuss how to make sure you ensure your team members’ success and give yourself the opportunity to focus on the aspects of your business where you have the most talent and energy.

Lee offers a free hiring guide and free resources and a free consultation call.
Find him at:

Lee recommends checking out the book Rocket Fuel to help guide you even more through scaling your real estate business:

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