Welcome to The Real Deep Dive Podcast brought to you by Pruitt Title. Your host is Kara Macdonald and today she is joined by guest Kendyl Young from Glendale Diggs. We’re doing a kind of East Coast meets West Coast thing on the show today and it’s a riot. We’re so glad you tuned in!

Kara and Kendyl are talking about title companies. Famous for asking, “what do you actually do?” Kendyl is known for her frankness in the industry.

Kara and Kendyl also dissect the giant lie that has been sold to many real estate agents. This explains why there are so many mediocre real estate agents entering the ranks every year and especially, why they stay. They are told that they are just one conversion training convention away from becoming a top agent.

Kendyl scouts great real estate talent for her title company. the traits that make a great real estate agent aren’t as simple as you think. Kendyl looks for people who are professionals, people who have great experience and who have aspirations to be awesome, not aspirations to be rich.

Kendyl Young serves Glendale, California and the Northern Los Angeles Valley. You can find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kendylyoung or on her website: http://glendalediggs.com/meet-the-team/kendyl-young/. She can also be reached by email: kendyl@glendalediggs.com

Look for her on Twitter and Instagram @GlendaleDiggs.com

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