Being A Late Bloomer Isn’t So Bad

I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to social media.  I know that is probably hard to believe but it is true.

In 2008 I was in the grocery store and I can remember very clearly the young lady bagging groceries was chatting with the young man ringing up my groceries and said she had 7,000 Facebook friends.  I believe I remember that moment so vividly because Facebook is where I started and it is by far my favorite social media tool.  I did not open an account until two years later.  Now I have a lot of friends (I admit I do not know all of them personally but that is my decision and they accepted my friend request so . . .  .).  Facebook allows you to leverage yourself in a very personal way and has allowed me to form connections with people (over time), I otherwise would not have had.

Fast forward a couple years, I knew I had to get on the Twitter train.  I was terrified of Twitter.  I had opened an account six months prior to that and had maybe been on it twice.  I didn’t get it.  One day, I decided to figure it out.  And I did.  Thanks to Twitter, I am now connected with some of social media’s top influencers. Why does that matter?  Because they are thought leaders and by following them, I stay on top of the latest and newest trends.  It is the most powerful platform out there right now (in my humble opinion).

My latest endeavor has been Instagram. I do not totally get it but I am willing to learn because my potential customers are on it.  All I do is read a few blogs or watch a few YouTube videos on the platform I am currently trying to figure out and bam, I learn a few tips here and there, put them to use and expand my reach.

Same with Pinterest.  Very different than Insta (as the kids call it) but again, my customer base is on Pinterest and people come to Pinterest to BUY.  In real estate, you could not ask for a more perfect platform.

It is all about being willing to learn.  It is definitely scary.  I am currently trying to learn something new for Facebook and I am very frustrated.  BUT, I will prevail!  Just like I did with Twitter!  I am grateful I am willing to learn because I can help others learn too.  I have held social media classes for real estate agents to help them get started just like I did a couple years ago.  Don’t be scared, just dive in.  It is actually quite fun!

kara-best-picKara Macdonald is the Director of Business Development for Pruitt Title, LLC. She can help you with all your real estate closing needs and SO MUCH MORE. Call her today for a free social media analysis or consultation on getting started. Pruitt Title’s main office is located in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia and we have satellite offices throughout the D.C. Metro area.  We accommodate flexible, on-site closings, so that borrowers can have their settlements conducted at their choice of locations, whether it is at their home, office, realtor’s or lender’s office or another convenient location.

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