Welcome to The Real Estate Deep Dive Podcast. I’m your host Kara Macdonald and I’m here with our guest Tanya Salseth. Tanya is a very successful real estate investor and real estate agent with Keller Williams in Falls Church, Virginia.


Spotting a great investment:

Tanya started out with one rental property and she has very cleverly snowballed that into a 12-door portfolio, using cash flow as her number one decision-making factor. You have to make sure you can rent the property at a rate that will allow you to pay the mortgage, cover maintenance expenses and put some money in your pocket.


After cash flow, the next most important consideration is the market. Is the economy growing? Are people moving here for jobs? Is there a diversity of jobs? Now, if you’re in an area like Northern Virginia, where right now the inventory is low, you can look out-of-state. Network and find an agent who knows that market and, as a bonus, who is also a property investor.


Agents help people buy and sell day-in and day-out, but doing it for yourself is what truly helps you develop an eye for a good investment.


Of course, there is more potential for profit if the property you’re buying needs some work, just make sure the value is there in your market. A property being a good value and a good investment are two different things.


To learn more about real-estate investment you can reach out to Tanya via phone or e-mail:

Tanya Salseth Keller Williams Realty (202) 823-9864 tanyasalseth@kw.com


Thanks for listening!

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