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Hello and welcome to the Real Deep Dive Podcast with Kara Macdonald! On today’s show, we’re diving into being authentic on social media. Kara is joined by Kim Garst, powerful marketing strategist and author of “Will the Real You Please Stand up.”

Authenticity on social media is important in any industry, but it’s especially crucial in real state because our primary goal on social media is lead generation.

Think of how you would interact talking with people at a party. You’d never start a real life conversation by mentioning the 20% off promotion on your website; you’d find something you both have in common to talk about. That’s how social media conversations should be, too. Business comes later – relationship first. This is why posting pictures of your food works. Many people resist this blurring of the lines of business and personal life, but we have to be relatable.

Kara and Kim discuss how to handle a branding mistake with course correction when you’ve realized one of your posts doesn’t align with your values. The truth is, people love it when we “own our stuff” because they feel connected to us. It’s relatable; everyone makes mistakes.

Speaking of connections, Kim says the term “community” is overused and misunderstood. Community isn’t people connecting with you as the leader, but people connecting with each other.

Back to social media: one mistake real estate agents make is lack of strategy. You have to have an actual social media plan.

The goal is to move people back to your site so they are on your turf and can give you their email address. In the social space we’re fighting for attention constantly. So, when you move to a place where you’re giving them value through email – that’s a one-on-one experience – instead of having all of those competing messages on social media. Kim recommends Click Funnels and Lead Pages as great email-list-building resources which both have pre-formatted pages.

Remember, you can outsource some aspects of social media, but it shouldn’t be handed over completely. Don’t turn over that role of messaging to someone who may not understand your brand.

Kim’s expertise is in shortening the learning curve for entrepreneurs. Check her out at to make complex things simple.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Pruitt Title. Pruitt Title is an independent title company licensed in MD, DC and VA. For more information, visit or call 571-432-9382.


Kim’s book Will the Real You Please Stand up

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