Overcoming Obstacles – Ep 012 – by Pruitt Title

Hello and welcome to the Real Deep Dive Podcast with Kara Macdonald! On today’s show, we’re diving into overcoming a personal struggle while still running your real estate business. Kara is joined by Tiffany Weaver, someone who has done that very thing, and she is one of the most authentic and kind women Kara knows.

The past four years have not been easy for her, but as you will hear in this episode, she got through it, continued to build her real estate business and totally came out on the other side with flying colors.

Tiffany says that when you go through a personal struggle, you realize that the people who are happy for your success are your people.

On the other hand, if you have people in your life who aren’t cheering you on, they are not your people. Delete them from your life. As real estate agents we think we have to stay connected to everyone in order to build this amazing network, and it’s just not true. If you have Facebook friends who never even “like” your great moments, they’re not going to give you a referral, you don’t want their mojo.

You can still find success in your business! Tiffany faced a difficult divorce and a move and she was still able to get referrals and double her business that year because she worked really hard and stayed positive. She’s an overcomer!

Tiffany has been a licensed real estate agent since 2013 and she services the Hampton Roads / VA Beach area. Give her a call at 804-824-4871.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Pruitt Title. Pruitt is an independent title company licensed in MD, DC and VA. For more information, visit www.pruitt-title.com or call me at 571-432-9382.


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