Diving Into Video With Steve Pacinelli – Ep 002

Thanks for tuning in today to The Real Deep Dive Podcast Episode 002! In today’s episode, we are diving deep into video with BombBomb CMO Steve Pacinelli. Join us to learn how Real Estate Agents are using video to make more connections and build more trust!

Kara and Steve share fascinating insights into the human brain and how our customers build relationships of trust. Being able to see someone’s face is a huge part of it. As real estate agents, we can learn how to use this to help connect with people faster!
Steve talks about how to use video logistically as a part of your marketing efforts. You don’t need expensive equipment or complicated tech.

And, you really don’t need to be nervous about how you look on video. Be yourself and you’ll attract customers that are a good fit!

Thanks for listening to our show today brought to you by Pruitt Title. Kara Macdonald is Your Favorite Title Lady and you can reach Kara via e-mail at: kara@yourfavoritetitlelady.com or by phone at: 571.432.9382.

Have a great day and we’ll see you again in Episode 003!

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