Your Favorite Title Lady,

and So Much More!

Kara, thank you so much for all the wonderful and helpful information about video marketing in the world of real estate. Not only was the content excellent, your enthusiasm was contagious. It was a wonderful presentation, thank you again.

Charlie Vaught

Kara is the real deal. She is truly dedicated to clients, colleagues, and affiliates to create win-win outcomes. Thank you for being such an inspiring role model for so many women in the real estate world of Northern VA.

Christy Edgar
Christy Edgar

Thank you Kara for your wonderful classes and support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance. Being a Realtor can be challenging, but you’ve taught me how certain situations can actually work in my favor. You have a wonderful perspective and great insight, Kara. Us Realtors are so lucky to have you and Pruitt Title!!!

Ellen Moyer
Ellen Moyer

Kara ROCKS!!! Kara helped me tremendously in setting up my Real Estate Facebook page. She helped me with Instagram and social media marketing techniques. Kara is fun to be around and lights up a room when she enters. I highly recommend Kara for your marketing needs.

Barry Constant

Kara was fantastic. We are looking forward to putting her strategies to work in our business. She is a passionate presenter and really knows her craft. The other thing that stuck out to me is that she seems very sincere. Give the people what they want; not only because it helps grow your business, but it is also more fun that way!

Denny Lee

Attended Kara’s branding class yesterday and was very impressed. Kara is energetic, passionate and knowledgeable about social media marketing. I would highly recommend her classes.

Doug Smith

Can’t say enough great things about my favorite title lady! Always a pleasure to do business with you Kara and Pruitt-Title.

Michele Bilowich Bonner

Enthusiastic, loyal, creative, “out of the box”, relationship first, “anything you need” and a brilliant mind to help with marketing and social media strategy, Kara truly is our go-to for all things in business. Thank you Kara for believing in all of us – regardless of brokerage affiliation, providing such amazing content and education and truly being there at anytime to help with client needs, etc! You ARE our Favorite Title Lady!

Naomi Hattaway

Kara is a wealth of information and energy when she teaches Realtors, like myself, how to tackle social media. She is patient and so careful to make sure you understand the subject she is teaching. Her passion to help you understand and her excitement when she sees you “get it” is infectious. Her follow up after each class is purposeful. Having Kara on my side helping me toward a more successful career is more than I thought I would ever get from an instructor. Kara is a Rock Star!

Amy Kihlstrom

Kara is the best! Social media genius, people-connector and great listener all wrapped up in a firecracker package, Kara is a great ally for agents of every kind. She’s that one person who will NOT accept the words “can not”. I appreciate her willingness to always find a way!!

Mary Van White

Attending one of Kara’s classes is like a mini college course. She is so up to date on all the social media information and presents it so even me, a 61 year old can understand. Kara is full of energy and kept me engaged and smiling. She gives of herself 100%. Thanks Kara

Lorraine Peck

I’ve been to a few of KAra’s seminars, and I just love them. The pacing keeps you interested, the approach keeps you engaged. Finally! I get social media and how to incorporate it into my world as a Realtor and as a human being. Best ever!

Laurel Chinn

Kara is an amazing woman inside and out. She has an immense amount of knowledge in her field and is a wonderful connector. Incredibly reliable, trustworthy, professional, and hard working. A great resource and teacher, you can always count on Your Favorite Title Lady to offer stellar advice and a helping hand.

Brooke Herron

Kara will go the extra mile to provide great service to her clients, Real Estate professionals, and their clients! I truly appreciate everything she does from helping out with open houses, to professional development, to guiding my clients through the closing process.

Marion Gonzales

Kara is a dynamic professional and a wonderful person! She is always willing to serve and goes above and beyond! She’s a pleasure to work with and I am thankful for all she does to help promote local business people.

Tyler FitzHugh Ohta

I continue to be amazed at Kara’s generosity of spirit — sharing so much time, energy, and expertise to enhance Realtors’ skills and understanding of how to use social media more effectively! Another great class yesterday … and she’s offered to follow that up with one-on-one consultations as needed. Wonderful!!

Jan Kahl